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Paint It Black

Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time

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Doctor Steel loves me.

I originate from a small farming community in Minnesota but I ended up in the People's Republic of Illinois where I wound up with a house and a career. I am fascinated by big cats -- black panthers in particular. I occasionally post my photographs to this LiveJournal account, but pretty much everything goes to my deviantART gallery. I think gatcat, urocyon and ya_wot_aver are the three LiveJournal photographers I admire the most.

Since March of 2006 I have been seeing the lady_curmudgeon, a woman has the added bonus of being able to tolerate my particular brand of bullshit machismo and sarcasm.

Speaking of sarcasm, an ex-girlfriend once told me that I'm "just mean" and I didn't mind an ounce. For the record: Hell yes I'm mean. I'm also a cynic and while I might be categorized as a misanthrope it's of my own making. Why? Because I like it that way. I'm damn good at what I do and I play that fact for everything it's worth at the office. I am generally bitter. I'm told that I have a dry wit that, when I feel like flattering myself, I consider to be "subversive." Little else makes me smile more than like a wry comment, a dry quip, a self-deprecating remark -- or the cutting of somebody deserving down to size.

If I do not program my own mind, the world will program it for me.

I'm on Twitter now, as Ferenpanther.

Emergency information is available to friends and LJ admins at: http://www.livejournal.com/users/feren/286096.html
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