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Woohaw, it's Saturday. I got up late, I had a massive headache, and I had to pack. But I got it all done, managed to swing by the vet and pick up Ra's prescription refill and even load the Madison maps onto my GPS before aureth and jenwolf called to let me know they were leaving. This is a Good Thing.

I've spent most of my morning chatting on FurryMUCK with the incomparable frysco. I don't get to hang out with him often enough. Sometimes I get a bit bummed because a lot of my friends are long, long distances away. But hey, at least I got a chance to hang out with some cool folk while I was doing all that work-related travel a couple months ago. Maybe I should volunteer for more of that and get to see people outside of my state more often. ;)

So today it's off to the wilds of Wisconsin, returning to Illinois sometime in the evening on Monday. This should be fun. The doorbell just rang so I guess it's time to go. See y'all in a few days.

Everybody Wang Chung tonight

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