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I nearly orgasmed over finding this page which belongs to the former admin of an ISP I used in Minnesota. I'm not thrilled that I found "him" per se, although it's sort of nice to know he's still alive. What I am thrilled about is that he has links to audio files in the .au format of a modem establishing a v.FC connection and a v.34 connection, both at 28.8k. That, my friends, is nostalgia.

Some days I radiate so much geek radiation that I need to be put into a fifty-five gallon drum and deposited in a concrete bunker for some unfortunate archeologist to rediscover a thousand years from now. Unfortunately for him the drum rusted through, I escaped and now he's glowing like a road flare. The moral of the story, kids, is don't give a shit about the past... you'll just dig up something that makes your skin grow interesting new lesions and causes your teeth to fall out.

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