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Got e-mail today from the ex I ranted about earlier. It wasn't personally directed at me, but I got it none the less. It was a detail of her loss, and what she'll be doing now that her husband has passed.

I didn't want to know. I continue to not want to know about her life. Every time I get an e-mail like this from her it's "This is my horrible life," or "I just want to be friends with you," or "You bastard, I hope you go to hell and die." This routine is getting old. I guess my rather explicit "leave me alone" wasn't a strong enough hint for her to remove my address from her little mailing list of joy. She must take immense pleasure in doing this to me, because I can't see any other reason for her to continue.

Every time I think I'm finally shut of her I get another kidney punch from out of the blue. Looks like I have two more e-mail addresses to ban on my server, now. Yay.

He wore a six gun on his hip
But now he doesn't carry it

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