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Raising awareness? Not likely...

I was skimming around on fark.com this morning and stumbled across a link that was of particular interest to me. As many people already know, I am rather interested in developments that affect firefighters, police and other public safety employees because my father is a professional firefighter (who, thankfully, has made it safely to the age where he will soon be retiring). Because of my awareness of my dad's profession I always am curious any time I see something in the news involving firefighters, so I'll take a quick peek. Fark had a link to an article over at New Scientist about a UK firefighter's invention to help raise the awareness of drivers to oncoming emergency services vehicles -- it's a system to cut into the radios and CD players of cars in the vicinity of an emergency service vehicle and alert them of the oncoming ambulance/squard/pumper/whatever. Personally I think this is a great idea; after living in Illinois for the last six years or so I've come to realize that most drivers in this state (and anywhere else in the US, for that matter) have absolutely No Clue about how to act when a firetruck or ambulance is approaching them from ahead or from behind. Furthermore, I've seen people who were completely oblivious to the fact that a pumper loaded with eight or more tons of water was approaching them from the side because they were too engrossed in their bass-heavy stereo or their cell phone conversation.

But, sadly, this invention will never make it -- it just makes too much goddamn sense.

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