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There is one word running through my mind right now...

.. and that word is "mortgage." I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need a house. I need a place of my own where my stuff doesn't interceders with the lifestyle of another human being -- and where another human being's stuff doesn't interfere with my life. I want room for all my stuff. I want a place I can point to and say, "That's mine." I want a garden. I want responsibility for fixing things. I want to do hands-on projects to improve my living quarters and not wonder if they'll void my damage deposit. I want to be able to vacuum the living room naked, if I so choose. I want a garage where I can work on my truck in peace and not risk my damage deposit because I want to change the oil. I want a place I can call home and be in control of. Yeah, it's all about control, so sue me.

On a completely unrelated note: it's not fun to be back at the office. There was a number of benefits to my trip out to Columbus this week, not the least of which was a reprieve from all the antics of my idiotic management. My drive to be productive is significantly lacking mostly because I'm still recovering from my jet lag, the case of stomach-rejecting-food I was suffering from, and the various other nasty problems that always seem to plague me when I'm travelling. I'm still not sure what it is these hotels are doing with their laundry, but every time I take a shower and then attempt to shave the results come out looking like I was rubbing my face on sandpaper. It's either the soap or the detergent, and I'm almost convinced it's the detergent on the towels and washcloths because I tried bringing my own soap along once and it provided no relief.

My wrists are being obnoxious, so I'm going to close this up.

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