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That's right, the job has me back on the road again. This time work is sending me out to Columbus to manage the migration of a campus network from their own firewall onto a corporate-managed device. It's not a bad job, it actually will be pretty simple. Sunday night I fly out, grab my rental car and head over to the hotel. Monday I drive out to the site, meet with the Dean of IT, chat with his staff for a bit, make some firewall changes, let the campus test them, change anything I need to and then go back to the hotel. I'll be there Tuesday as well to see if anything else is going on that I need to be aware of, then fly back to Chicago Tuesday night.

I am Jack's utter lack of excitement about this engagement. I can hope that things go well, at least, and that I get more sleep on this particular trip than I usually do when I'm out on the road.

Talkin' bout a friend of mine
Talkin' bout a gold mine
Richest vein in any mountain
Talkin' bout the enemy
Inside of me

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