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Pets and responsability

I was pointed by a friend to this entry in the LJ of my roommate cabbitattack. For the sake of time, I'll quote it below:

I get home from vacation and find that the cat hasn't been fed for /two days/. Can we say "animal cruelty" and "neglect"? Say them with me children... I swear. That cat's nothing more than a toy to him--an expensive and noisy toy. He doesn't deserve a pet.

I wanted to follow up with a response in her journal, but it's set to allow replies from friends only -- since I'm not listed as a friend, I can't respond. Fair enough. So I'll paste the response I'd written here instead:

Is Ra noisy? Yes. Annoying at times? Most certainly, but most pets are little more than children in feather or fur suits, and children are by nature a bit frustrating. A toy? Not by any means. I would say that if Ra was only a toy to me I would not have dropped $1,800 in vet bills on him when he was sick last winter, and then gone through two months of hell with the steroids, antibiotics and Metachlopramide -- I would've simply had the vet put him down.

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