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*sniff* *sniff* Slider, you STINK.

That was me at around 12:30 this afternoon. Good lord was I punch-drunk. I made it into the office on time this morning, and spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes trying to get ahold of the campus. Naturally, that wasn't going off to plan. Finally I managed to get ahold of them, and we spent the next two hours working through everything.

I rediscovered a forgotten (or perhaps suppressed) fact about our office: from 7 PM until 7 am there is no HVAC running on our floor. The office only runs it on normal business hours and if we want anything beyond those hours we have to pay some extravagant price like $60/hr for off-peak HVAC. So, within a very short amount of time I found myself quickly stewing in my own juices. I discovered that alas, it is not possible for me to climb out of my own skin. God, I was ripe after three and a half hours of that. I blame all the Sun Microsystems equipment we have running in my neck of the cubical warren.

So around 1 PM I was finally able to extract myself. Driving home required me to turn on the AC to keep the air cold enough so that it might help keep me awake. I stopped at KFC, got some of their popcorn chicken, came home and had "lunch." I also watched The Siege, which was damn depressing and unnerving to watch in today's day and age.

Once the movie was over (around 3 or 3:30ish) I was feeling not only groggy, as I had been for the last 6 hours, but ready to sleep. So sleep I did. I'm glad, because at 7:30 I woke up and felt much better. I hope I can sleep properly tonight, though.

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