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What a day. But it was a pleasant day. I was invited to hang out this Saturday with Captain and Masem, up at Cap's place. Since I've never been there, and since it has a lake right nearby (and since there was promise of beers and brats) I naturally jumped upon the opportunity. My day started out al ittle rought -- traffic detours made getting onto I-90 a total bear, and I also had to stop and buy gas before I left, which further delayed me. But eventually I found myself inside Captain's neighborhood -- and i only drove aimlessly for five or ten minutes before declaring I was lost and calling him for help. I'd driven past his house at least two times because I'd miscopied and/or misunderstood his directions. I'm a silly git sometimes.

Once I arrived we sat around at his place for a bit, shooting the breeze and talking about Forum2010, why we hate phone companies, those sorts of things. Masem and I were quite entertained when Captain's fiancee called, and chatted with him on the phone while we teased him for upwards of twenty minutes. We eventually decided we'd had enough indoor time, though, and piled into the truck to go get Cap's boat out of storage. After retrieving the boat and arriving at the launch I discovered Cap's not had a lot of time to acquaint himself with backing trailers up. It's been about six years, at this point, since I backed a trailer. But I certainly did enough of it when I was home with the folks in Minnesota to remember, and offered to give Cap a hand. Amazingly he trusted me enough to do it for him, and after a few minutes we got the trailer in the water and the boat off the trailer (The hardest part for me about this experience was that Cap's truck was an automatic, and was in 4x4 low, which I didn't know until later. So the whole thing handled sorta strangely to me). I get the truck parked, locked up and I hop into the boat with the guys for a few hours of fun in the sun. This was a real treat for me because I haven't been out and on a boat in ages (since I was in Florida and out on the catamaran with my grandfather). Cap topped the whole experience off for me by giving me a chance to pilot the boat for "a spin around the lake." That was pretty cool. Masem got some time behind the wheel too, and we did a lap or two around the lake while Cap gave us some of the local history, and then gave us some history lessons on how VHS came about, how audio tape was developed, why the BBC lost so many of its old shows, and how the theme music for Doctor Who was created (Cap is a huge Doctor Who buff, and I cannot blame him). All in all I got wet from the spray, I got sunburned because I was an idiot and forgot to put on sunscreen, and I had a great time and learned a lot and had quite a few laughs.

Around 6:00pm we brought the boat in, got it on the trailer and hauled it back to storage. We returned to Captain's house, put brats on the grill, got out the beers and smoked a cigar or two. Once we finished chowing down (big thanks to Cap for the brats and beer, and Masem for the chips!) we put the table back and Captain popped in a Doctor Who tape, which we watched all the way through (with only a LITTLE MST3k action going on throughout). It was pretty cool, because it was a set of episodes I'd never gotten to see. After that we sat around and talked for a bit longer, Captain showed me some of his various collectable items (a traffic sign, some old video editing hardware since he's a video geek, and some tapes he made while going to N.I.U. and working on his education in broadcasting). By the time it was all said and done it was about 11:45pm and I was getting sorta tired, so I bid farewell to the guys, piled into my truck, found my way out of his neighborhood and back to the road, and put the petal to the metal. I made decent time, finding my way back to the apartment in about an hour (yes, I did speed. Bad panther, I know). I'm definately sunburned but you know what? I don't care. I'm happy. I had a great time, with good food, and got to spend it in the company of some good new friends.

Why won't Jesse Helms just hurry up and die?

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