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I checked my online account manager today, and saw that my paycheck has been deposited smack-dab on time as usual. The only problem is the amount that was deposited is short approximately $40, and I can't figure out why. I really wish they'd hurry up and issue me the paper receipt of my direct-deposit check so I can figure out whom I have to complain at and why. The last time something like this happened I was shorted $70 on my paycheck because the computer thought I'd taken out a payroll advance -- totally absurd, because DeVry does not do payroll advances to employees except under the most dire of circumstances.

In other news, I'm very ready for this weekend. There is, thankfully, very little going on this weekend that I have to be involved in. The only things of note that spring to mind right away are fairly trivial. For example, cable service gets restored (big whoop) on Saturday, requiring my presence at the apartment between the hours of 1 and 5 (what the hell is up with that? I don't have to be around to have my service disrupted, but if I'm not around they can't turn it back on?) and -- another plus -- I won't have to be at the office (Well, that's actually a half-truth. I have to cross my fingers and hope I don't have to go in to the office as I'm the on-call engineer this week. It is possible I may have to go in for some stupid problem or another. I'm starting to think I won't, even if a problem does arise...). The one item of not-trivial status is that I get to spend a significant portion of time on Saturday and Sunday with jenwolf. This is a Good Thing.

What I'm looking forward to is simple: I want a quiet, relaxed, non-hurried and uncomplicated weekend. It's a nice goal to look at "on paper" as it were, and you'd think that it would be handily accomplished, wouldn't you? I'm setting the goal to be lazy... how hard can that be? Well, really, it's pretty hard to accomplish on my weekend. My weekends are usually spread far too thin in an attempt to make up for the things I didn't do during the week. I most often do my grocery shopping on the weekend, my laundry, things like that all get postponed to the weekend because of a number of reasons during my workweek. So, when I say I want a simple weekend, I know that I have to contend with other things. This weekend, though, I refuse to contend with them. I don't want to think, I don't want to worry, I don't want to feel stressed. I want to put this entire week and its frustrations and sorrows behind me and just be blissfully ignorant of the world for at minimum forty-eight hours. I will hide myself away from things and people in general (yes, I am something of a misanthrope), bury myself in Jen's company and try my best to cheer up. This has been a bad week for me, it's left me feeling like I should crawl into a dark corner and lick my wounds. I'd like to recover from that feeling and be able to enjoy the freetime I get with my better half.

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