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In other news...

I believe I have just narrowly avoided having my credit shot yet again. I have to go back and dicker with my insurance company to see why they won't pay the bloody bill, and depending on the results of that I may or may not end up coughing up the necessary funds myself. At least I've got two weeks or so to try and make it all come together before I have to worry about them putting the collection on my credit record. I just can NOT have that added right now, not with me gearing up for the house.

Speaking of the desire to procure a house, my budget -- which directly impacts the amount of money I can tuck away towards my mortgage downpayment -- is spiraling horribly out of control this month already, and it's only the 11th. Dig on it: The month isn't even half over and I've had a slew of unexpected expenses that have blown my usually accurate accounting straight to Hades. I've had to backpedal three times so far, taking small dips out of my the savings account where I'm storying the money for the mortgage so that I could make ends meet. I'm really not happy about this at all, and I know next month is going to be expensive too, what with my attending CONvergence. If not for the fact I've already commited to it (and I'd be stranding people roommate-wise at the hotel) I'd cancel the trip so as to save the expenses. My tentative date for actually purchasing a house is slipping further and further back because of this crap.

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