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Or maybe not...

It looks like I spoke a little too soon about bending BIND 9.2.1 to my will. In light of recent discoveries, it actually appears that BIND might have made me its bitch instead. Harumph. Hopefully I can get another fifteen minute of frysco's time to try and sort this out. I'm in a world of hurt because I'm used to working with BIND 8.x, and I took its little eccentricities as par for the course -- in fact, in some cases I started to think of it as expected, even proper behavior. BIND 9 fixes some of those little malfunctions and runs more closely to RFC, which means sometimes it behaves a lot differently than I expect. That's what I get for getting used to broken software implementations.

In other news, I'm back in the saddle at work today after a weekend that just wasn't long enough. One of my coworkers is out for vacation for an entire week, the lucky fellow. I'm happy to know that my vacation is hopefully coming up, I still haven't received word that it's been approved. I'm going to have to go nag my supervisor and manager about that.

It is also quite clearly a Monday today, as well. After getting out of bed and following my usual morning routine of shower/shave/brush teeth/etc, I had the unpleasant discovery this morning that Ra had once again unloaded most of the contents of his stomach in no less than three different places on the living room rug. I will never understand cats -- he knows to use a litter box when he has to go, but when it comes time to tossing his cookies wherever he's standing is apparently where he feels its best to deposit his harf. Once... just once... I'd like him to jog into the bathroom or the kitchen when he feels he's going to blow chunks. It'd be ten thousand times easier for me to clean up off the tile in either of those two locations than it would be to get that mess out of the rug.

Weird dreams abounded last night, too, making today that much more surreal. I apparently have been yearning for the "simpler" days in my past, since I had a dream that I was back at my old job in Minnesota, working at Holiday Sports (now known as Gander Mountain). I do miss the people I used to work with there, but I can't see why I dream so frequently about going back there and getting a job again. It wouldn't pay nearly as well, I'd have to work weekends, I'd have to wear a uniform shirt and pay union dues... my subconcious must be a very interesting place. Maybe someday I'll be able to interpret these dreams and make sense out of them.

Back to work... the phone is ringing off the hook again. I thought I'd fixed that, but it would seem the facilities department found that line that had been cut and replaced it....

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