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Forgot to make sure the cable bill got paid.

Cable got disconnected. It won't be reconnected until Saturday, the 15th. The "Good news" is that I finally got them to get their automatic billpay system set up right, so that I won't have to worry about this anymore.

Dammit. This is just par for the course.

. o O o .

In retrospect, I should have just left it disconnected. That's $35+tax a month that I just don't see the benefit of. Cable used to not suck... you paid the monthly rate so you didn't have to see commercials, so that you could get movies uncut and without stupid little station ID overlays on the screen, so that you could get crystal-clear pictures. Cable doesn't have any of that anymore. HBO has a billion commercial breaks, TBS and its compatriots always have little "bugs" reminding me I'm watching "The SuperStation!" floating around at the bottom of my screen when I'm watching something I'm interested in, and the good channels like Animal Planet and the like are quickly becoming "premium" stations you have to pay Yet More Money to receive. And oh yeah, stuff that's being broadcast on cable is being edited, these days. TBS edited the hell out of "Deep Blue Sea" when they showed it. I thought I was watching an entirely different movie! Additionally, AT&T is trying to force me over to their digital cable system, which means I'd have to have one of their fucking set-top-boxes (you find me a set that box will actually sit on the top of these days, and I'll show you a TV that's over 15 years old) and suffer through the lag of the decoder resynchronizing each time I change the channel.

I'd just hook up to aerial and pick up standard broadcast stations if I could, but this lousy complex I live in doesn't even have a local antenna system so ... it's cable or static on the TV. Not much of an option.

I want a house.

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