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... and one more thing!

I'd like the find the individual who invented Styrofoam packing peanuts, and put a bullet in his or her head for my troubles, too. These are the worst things ever invented, eclipsing even Muzak and the Olsen Twins. I mean, they're just horrible! They generate static and then cling to everything they touch, including the items they're supposed to protect during shipping and the people trying to unpack said items. They break apart easily and, once broken, use their super powerful static powers to get into crevices (like, oh.... the spaces between keys in keyboards). Worst of all is that my cat believes that they are a delectable treat to eat whole and then vomit up along with whatever food he hasn't digested.

Sometimes progress means taking a step backwards and returning to basics. First step back? Ban the ghost-turds.

That is all.

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