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The song of the dropped packet...

The office firewall went tits-up again today, right at 9:25 or so this morning. Boom, gone. Grab the coworker and his laptop, and jog down to the NOC again (thinking a lot of Monday and Tuesday). Perform troubleshooting, decide the cluster machines are just hosed beyond belief and that I don't trust them any further than I can throw the datacenter I sit within. This leads to cable tracing so that I can migrate from the cluster to the old, functional standalone firewall.

Migration problems ensue, not the least of which was the seeming inability of the machine to function when we apply the configuration from the HA cluster to it so it has the latest and greatest static routes and NAT settings. Work through that for a while, and finally discover that the major problem wasn't what I thought it was, but was instead the inability of the machine to get a proper policy from the management console. D'oh. So we work out the policy problems and whammo, things start to trickle slowly in again. Huzzah!

Problems are still occuring, not the least of which are the incredibly erratic ping times we're seeing to devices from all across the Internet. So, back to work I go after choking down my three-hour-late lunch. I welcome the chance to go home, sip a gin and tonic, and do some lazy chore-type things. I'll at least feel like I've accomplished something other than stomping out fires.

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