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Not much to write tonight....

Today was, thankfully, very quiet for the most part. I ended up at work for a few hours during the afternoon, but that wasn't too terrible, as the problem was relatively easy to identify, zero in on and repair. I really wish that some of our employees at the campuses would learn the basic skills and procedures of troubleshooting, but for what they're getting paid (I was a campus employee for a year and a half, and I know how much I got paid... either I was a sucker who got taken or that's just what everyone gets paid) I guess I shouldn't expect too many miracles. I definately need to talk to my manager about this complete lack of endorsed on-call scheduling. I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick.

I had a pleasant surprise today. Melissa, who is also known as the illustrious Chebutykin of Cthulhu Coffee fame gave me a ring on the telephone this evening. We talked for over an hour -- it's been forever and a day since I had a chance to chat with her, and even longer since I actually saw her in person. I should have been up at CONvergence this year, but that completely didn't happen for any number of reasons. I do hereby vow that I will make it up there next year to take part in the madness of hosting the room party, and to see long-lost friends, and to be at a convention where Furries aren't a major theme or component. Anyways, Melissa filled me in on the various going-ons up in my homestate of Minnesota, made me laugh and in general glad I was home to get her call. I, in turn, managed to coax a giggle or two out of her, which always makes my day. I feel like such a slouch next to her: she's holding down a number of jobs, playing with art, doing any number of other things and is a hell of a webmaster to boot. It was fantastic to be able to sit down and shoot the proverbial breeze with her for a period of time.

Outside of that my day was pretty quiet. I sat around, chatted on the IRC some, searched for a way to handle a technical problem I'm having with my local network and did some dishes. My wayward roommate, who is bringing his girlfriend and moving her in from California, will hopefully be arriving tomorrow. If he doesn't come in Monday night he'll be arriving sometime Tuesday. While I'm glad to have my apartment to myself I also do miss him and the white noise his presence can generate in the apartment.

I've a number of ideas percolating around in my head for tomorrow's entry. I suspect it's going to be an interesting Monday, but hopefully not so interesting that it makes me put off a non-bitchy post in favor of something rantastic.

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