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Gettin' on the jet plane...

My flight for Fremont leaves departs at 4:50pm, so with boarding, security and all the other craziness I need to endure to get on the plane I'll be leaving for the airport within another 30 minutes or so. Yes, I like to have a time buffer in place in case things go horribly awry, as they seem apt to do these days whenever I travel for business reasons.

I'm not looking forward to a flight this long without meal service, but I am, at least, going to have really good food when I arrive in California.

Oh, and Neu: you might get a kick out of this. I know I did.

Well, I'm off to clean my desk (lest my coffee become withered and strange during my absence) and then I depart so I may travel via the magnificent air-carriage to strange, foreign lands. Wish me a safe trip if you like, and with any luck I'll be back after my red-eye flight home sometime Thursday morning.

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