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It's Monday?

No, after checking the calendar I'm quite certain that it's Friday. So why am I going into work armed to the teeth to do battle with my manager today, as if it's Monday? This is bogus. I don't care what he says, I am not going to Ohio next week. I'm already going to nine campuses, two of which I wasn't even supposed to go to and I picked up as a favor to one of the other engineers. Now I'm expected to go to Ohio, too, just because I'm the single guy? No, I don't think so.

I very well may get written up for flat-out refusing to do something my manager tells me to do. If so, so be it; it will be the sign I need to get the hell out of that company that I've been looking for. I hope, I really hope that by going in and calmly explaining I'm one of FOUR engineers, but I'm handling HALF of the campuses already -- and that I'm taking two of those as a favor to another engineer as it is -- that I don't think it's fair. Maybe if I offer to do it over the phone he'll back down.

These campus audits are a load of shit, anyway.

On the positive side.... I have a weekend coming. I will spend time with Jen, and then on Saturday evening I will hang with Roho, Kestral, Jen and Aureth at a nearby Cajun restaurant that Kes and Roho have discovered. Sunday will be a trip down to Aureth's to do some cable work. Outside of that, it should be a quite, relaxing 48 hours. I hope so, anyways. I need to relax.

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