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State of the Feren address

*Wrists are ouchy.. they were better, but I think the lack of continued Naproxen treatment has let them backslide. Plus I think I've been on the computer too much as of late
*Ra hasn't thrown up in about a week, yay! Let's hope that trend continues.
*I've fallen in lust with some technology . The geek in me cries out to hack this thing and make it truly rock. Mmm, natively recorded in MPEG2....
*Work has been what it is. Training last week was excellent, coming back was somewhat less than excellent. I had a meeting today that gave me a faint glimmer of hope -- here's to hoping it lasts and maybe even bears fruit
*I hate spam, I need to teach myself procmail. One of the worst offenders of spamming me has yet to be shut down, because their ISP sucks wang. I need to filter them out.
*My new UPS needs a different receptacle than what my wall has. I need to make an adapter.
*I fly to Phoenix, Arizona this coming Monday for an audit of our campus there on Tuesday. Tuesday night I fly back. My manager expects me at work on Wednesday, bright and early, even though I'm catching a red-eye back. Gah.
*My weekend plans have been cancelled due to problems my host is being faced with. So now that I have my weekend free, I think I'll be doing some work around the apartment. First task is to shelter my Z28 in a garage that I'm taking over from my roommate's girlfriend -- part of a deal we worked out for reimbursement of apartment utilities. After that, I think I have to run up to the bank. Then, well, we'll see what other things I have to tackle....
*I need to hit Jewel and restock on sandwich fixings, spray cheese, crackers, milk and a few other essentials (caffeine).
*I need to relax.
*My shorts are on fire. More at eleven.

People love it when you lose

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