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Friday time!

Man, this week has both crawled and flown at the same time. It flew because I didn't have to spend a single day in the office this week - instead I've been in training on how to use and troubleshoot with some products from the good, nifty folks at Sniffer. This is the sort of stuff we network geeks drool over, and here I am getting to learn all about it, for free (well, it's not costing me anything anyways) and it'll only serve to increase my value as an employee when I get certified on it. What really adds to the "oh cool" factor of this training is something so simple you'll probably laugh when you see it. What's great about this class is that the company running the training center we're located in seems to believe that the more goodies we're fed the more we'll learn and the happier we'll be -- and to a degree, they're very right. Every day there's a breakfast bar set out: muffins, donuts, coffee cake. Mmmm, fresh-squeezed orange-juice. Then, after lunch, they set out all sorts of snacks and keep refilling them throughout the day. One day it was chips and salsa after a round of cookies. The next day it was goldfish, cookies and trail mix. Another day it was Chex Mix and Reese's peanut butter cups. Add into it the seemingly infinite choice of sodas they present in the fridge (for free) and you're left feeling a little like they're fattening you up intentionally, Hansen-and-Gretel-style. All I know is hey, I've gotten some great snack food and it hasn't cost me a dime -- I don't even have to go to lunch with stuff like this around. I bet I've gained five pounds just by attending this training. But I certainly won't be forgetting KDC any time soon, so their ploy has worked on me at least.

The downside of training is that I'm not in the office, but I'm expected to work on stuff like I am (answering calls, pages, help desk tickets and e-mail). That's really frustrating, especially when my manager seems to think that my training is entirely optional and he can recall me to the office (1/4 mile down the street from the training center) or interrupt my training whenever he wants. If I was the only network engineer the company had I guess I'd be more able to accept that, but there are three other engineers in the office this week, and if they can't figure a problem out by putting their heads together then I truly doubt I'll be providing any "tie breaking" services that will magically present a fix for an issue. My training may be on company time, but I do expect them to not interrupt my education constantly. If they do interrupt me and distract me, I don't learn anything. If I don't learn anything, what was the point in spending the $5k to send me to class?!? The spectacular failure of logic makes my head hurt.

I also saw something very odd on the road today: A school bus with a "Student Driver" placard on it. I mean, it makes sense, school bus drivers are not born with a natural ability to drive those over-sized Saltine boxes, they have to learn on something so they can go take their license examination. But still, I guess it just never occurred to me that it would have "Student Driver" plastered on it the same way cars do.

Tonight after class finishes up I'm hitting the road in the pickup and I'm driving up to Davis to hang out with Captain. I have to stop over at my apartment to grab my wallet, I forgot it on my rush to get out of the apartment early this morning. I only realized that I forgot it this morning when I was 3/4 of the way here, otherwise I would have turned around to go back and get it. I don't like driving without my insurance and my license, I just seem too accident prone to not be carrying proof that I'm a legal driver. Add into the equation that it will snow tonight (the prediction is that we will get between 2-10"... quite a bit of a range, isn't it?) and the odds of needing my ID go up even higher. Since I was already 3/4 of the way to the training center I decided I'll just stop at the apartment on the way up to Davis to grab my wallet. This will probably add an additional twenty minutes to my drive up, which doesn't make me happy, but that's the price I pay for being foolish and getting into a rush on my way out the door. Then, tomorrow, I drive back to the apartment to hang out with some (hopefully all) of the Pack to talk shop, eat Fuddruckers, drink beer and have a few laughs. This weekend will be fairly busy but overall I think it'll be something quite pleasant.

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