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I promised a makeup rant for today, and by god am I going to deliver, regardless of how distracted I am or how lousy I feel. Dammit, after the way today has gone I feel entitled to a good blow-off.

So, let's talk insurance companies. Roho just got told to bend over and spell RUN by his insurance company for his new vehicle. They want to charge him something on the order of one-sixth the cost of his car PER YEAR to insure the damn thing. Now I don't know about you, but that's just damned ridiculous. What's more ridiculous is I was paying 1/4 of the value of my car per year to insure it. I should have been insulted... hell, I still am, but I'm also young enough to care more about having fun with my money than worrying about investing it wisely, so sure, I went along with their insane rates and paid out the ass for the privilege of driving legally.

Before the string of accidents, that was. See, after all the incidents with the pickup they decided they were going to delist me because I was too "high risk" for them (Which means, roughly translated, I had cost them more than they had sucked out of me, even at the "reasonable" rate of $1280 every six months). They didn't tell me this until AFTER I got T-boned in my Camaro, though. How nice and thoughtful of them, giving me a whole TWO WEEKS before my policy expired to find a new carrier for insurance. Thank you, Metropolitan Group! I hope Charles Schultz's estate yanks your rights to the Peanuts characters. Any ways, the car was in a complete state of disarray. So I had it secured at a location near the accident scene, and instead of having Met take it to the body shop whom I trust with everything, I let Met handle this because I thought it'd make subjugation with the insurance company for the lady who hit me easier. Bad choice on my part. It took them the better part of a month to fix the car, whereas Butch at my shop would have had it done in half that time. That's not the best part, boys and girls. No, not by a long shot. You see, after they fixed the body of the car and repainted they told me "Oh, hey.... your car doesn't start. Any ideas?" Um, no, not really. The goddamn thing started for me, that's how I drove it the day it got hit. Truly an amazing concept for this place, I'm sure. Work had me rather busy, so for about a month the car sat at the shop, completely untouched and non-starting. To make a long story short, I had the car picked up by my friends at J. C.'s Auto & Truck, since they had a trailer with a winch. J.C. figured out why the car wouldn't start in about 24 hours, it didn't take him long at all. Which I expected, because I thought it was an easy problem and he's trained to do this sort of stuff, whereas the other place is just a body shop. So J.C. tells me what's wrong with the Camaro, and why it won't start. Okay, that was my bad, I'm to blame for that. Then J.C. tells me that the SRS light, which indicates an error with the supplemental restraint system (airbags) is on, so something's wrong in there... the dollar signs are starting to dance around in my head and warning klaxons are going off. Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention that J. C. pointed out a HUGE problem: the front steering/suspension system is jaked to hell and back. It seems that when the steering wheel is straight, the driver's side wheel is straight but the passenger side wheel is cocked off at some nutty angle. BOTH of these things were just fine before I got hit. Now they're busted. Which means that the damned insurance company, that I pay money to so they'll "look out for my interests" completely FAILED to do so, and left me with some ungodly amount of work to be done that will cost me something like $1500 to fix at a minimum (I've had enough car work done to become proficient at estimating what it'll cost me to get something fixed).

Needless to say I am irate. Well, beyond irate, actually. I want to take the Sears Tower and jam it up the ass of my former insurance company's president, my adjuster and my "accident recovery liason." Sideways, if it'll fit.

Yes, you can argue that because the car didn't start they couldn't see these problems or address them. But you know what? If they held to their promise of "taking care of the customer" they would have towed the car to a shop and run a full diagnostic on the car after the body was repaired. The car's computer will return error codes even when the engine isn't RUNNING. Not to mention the car doesn't have to run to let you put the car up on a frame rack and check the alignment... but the almighty buck ruled the day, so they took care of me, alright. Yes indeed, a fine job they did of putting it up my ass. Once I find out how much it costs to get this all fixed I will be approaching my now ex-insurance company and taking them up on their "satisfaction guarantee." I'm not satisfied, the work wasn't completed to my satisfaction, and I'm wagering they didn't fix it because it was the only way they could squeak by with not declaring the car a total loss and handing me a check for the actual value of the vehicle. Either that or my adjuster was blind as a goddamned bat in a sound-dampening room. I feel like Andre Linoge from Stephen King's "Storm of the Century" coming in and saying, "Give me what I want and I'll go away." I will go away, never bother Met again if they just fix this glorious fuckup of theirs. Jesus Christ on a toaster, I can see this becomming a legal battle already, complete with lawyers and the whole nine yards. Why? Because I'm an EX customer, they won't want to admit they screwed up, and they won't want to part with the godforsaken fifteen hundred bucks or so it'll take to set their mistake right. Fifteen hundred out of the millions they rake in as net profit every year. Dig on it.

This is what happens when generating an income becomes more important than ensuring you have a good relationship with your customer. Yeah, insurance companies are in a hard business and they're not going to stay in business if they don't make money. But they can't make money without customers, and they have underwriters and statistical charts to help them weed out the folks (like me, evidentally) who will statistically cost them revenue. If they've got the numbers on their side they can afford to treat their customers with a modicum of respect and follow through on their promises. Do a good job and don't lie to me, that's all I ask. I guarantee you that you'll see more about this little joy of my life in the near future as I go to bat for my rights. Let's see how I do.

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