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I had a day!

I woke up this morning and was a lazy, lazy individual. I snoozed my alarm a good five times, resulting in me getting out of bed around forty-five minutes later than I should have been. It's good that my alarm is set earlier than it needs to be, and even better that I have my morning routine compressed to the point I can really achieve it all in about ten minutes!

One of the biggest changes in my life recently has focused around my morning routine: eating. For over ten years I have not eaten breakfast, simply because there's something horribly wrong in my digestive system in the morning. Attempts to do so in the past have resulted in me feeling queasy the rest of the day or, worse yet, the regurgitation of said food items not long after I ingested them. I'm really tired of vomiting, it's an act I've had far too much practice at. Sugary confections such as donuts are particularly guilty of inciting my stomach to riot, although greasy things such as bacon-and-egg muffins and their ilk aren't without guilt as well. So I gave up eating breakfast as it was just easier that way. However, in light of the recent news I got about my blood pressure, I've done some thinking about my lifestyle choices in terms of eating habits. While they're not stellar, they're not too bad either. I can do some fine tuning here and there and have a pretty healthy diet. The one concern I've got, though, is that my cholesterol may be to the point that I have nothing but pure frying grease pulsing through my veins. While there's no magic fix for this, the diet changes will hopefully help eliminate part of it. Additionally, I noticed an ad on TV one day from our folks at General Mills stating that Cheerios may help lower cholesterol. Of course, the real scoop is that dieticians believe that three cups of soluble fiber each day can help reduce cholesterol levels, and that one serving of Cheerios has a cup of soluble fiber in it. So I think to myself, Why not buy a box and some milk? The worst that can happen is you can't stomach it, and drink the milk with dinner each night.

Surprisingly, delightfully, I have been able to eat a bowl of Cheerios each morning, with no added sugar, for the last four days without feeling anything but mild nausea for an hour or two afterwards. So maybe, just maybe, I can turn this whole "no breakfast" thing around and give myself a bit of a healthier life while I'm at it. If that's the case, then I'm a happy guy.

Speaking of happy, I've got a lot to be happy about this weekend: I'll be spending all of it with my sweetie, locked away in a hotel room many miles South of here! As an added bonus, the room that we have reserved and waiting for us (I think it's actually a suite) has a hot tub within its confines. How's that for uber-cool, eh? So the good news is, we'll be able to splishsplash around and enjoy intimate time with one another without any interruptions from roommates, mail carriers, cats etcetera. We don't have a definite plan yet, but I imagine at some point during the weekend we will go out and have dinner at some nearby decent restaurant. Maybe, if we find ourselves so inclined, we will go shopping or take in a movie. I don't know how much we'll be out and about, though, because I've been rather lacking in time with my girl. I plan to put this weekend to good use, and that's all I'll say about it here lest I risk TMI. This is our attempt at making up for Valentine's day, when we didn't do anything as a "couple" because we decided we didn't want to compete with the three billion other people out there who'd be thinking along the same lines as us; last time we tried to do dinner during Valentine's day it took us an hour and a half to get a seat at TGI Friday's. I for one was not interested in repeating that mistake this year. An extra benefit of celebrating the occasion a week after the fact is that the hotel room's rate is much, much cheaper than it would have been last week. Yes, I'm being frugal, but hey... I am delivering on what I hope will be a romantic, enjoyable weekend, and that makes up for some of that frugalness.... doesn't it?

The only downside to this whole event is that (whimper) I am the engineer on call this weekend. I couldn't convince anybody to trade off with me or to just pick up my weekend so I could know that it would be uninterrupted. I want this so badly to go off without a hitch, I really will not be pleased if something comes in that I have to work on. So here's to crossing my fingers and hoping that I get to enjoy the entire weekend without my cell phone ringing!

All dressed up with nowhere to go, walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder

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