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Do's and Don'ts... - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
Do's and Don'ts...
* Don't trust your vet to explain everything about your pet's medication to you. Question everything. I should have, but I didn't. The cost? Cat harfing for almost a week straight now because the vet didn't tell me I needed to keep him on these pills for the rest of his life, instead she just assumed I'd intuit that fact via ESP.

* Do make sure to get the cherry flavored version of Cepacol, not the "cool menthol." Friends, there is nothing cool about this stuff. I can tell you with all honesty that experience proves that gasoline tastes better than this stuff.

* Don't go into work if you're still sick.

* Do ignore the previous statement if you're still sick but can't afford to burn anymore time off. It's a bad thing to use 40 hours of sick leave in the first two months of the year.

* Don't forget your flu shot. I made this mistake. Learn from it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call my doctor and find out why I still have a light-grade fever four days after the main event.

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