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I stayed home from work today. I couldn't sleep much, mostly because my nose and sinuses are running as freely as the mighty Mississippi in springtime. The throat and cough haven't gotten any better either. That is perhaps the most annoying thing, because it's gotten to the point that I cough so hard so much that I actually get dizzy and see spots. Let's hear it for absentee immune systems! I want to trade this body in for

Ra was an industrious pussycat last night. Sometime in the early morning, I figure around 1am or so, he managed to push my marble bookend off the entertainment center, sending it careening down into the stack of hubs, switches, monitors and hard drives I have stacked in the corner of the living room (YES, I am that big a geek that I have computer equipment ferreted away throughout my apartment). Not content to simply chip the marble the cat had to add insult to injury by sending half my DVD collection tumbling to the floor as well. Even though the little punk has been sick the last three days straight he's still acting like the kitten I adopted. I'm not sure exactly how this is working out. Maybe he's got some sort of brain worm or something.

Tomorrow I shall go into work again, and see if I can be a productive little boy. I don't really want to go in, but I want to be there for the delivery of our new big iron from SUN. I've been nursing this project for two and a half years, so I have to be there to see it come to fruition. Or maybe I won't, if I wake up feeling the same way I did today. I can't even talk, it hurts too much.

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