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On the road again...

I slept in today, until about 11:00am. Mmmmm, twelve hours of sleep. That's a luxury I haven't been able to indulge in as of late. Once I finally work up enough to realize I needed to hit the road I managed to pry myself out of bed, medicate and feed my cat, pull on some clothes and jump into the truck. 18 gallons worth of gas later my pickup was fueled and I was ready to go! The drive up to Milwaukee wasn't too bad, really, especially since the state troopers didn't seem to be making much of an appearance on the roads I was taking.

Once I got to the state fairgrounds I discovered it wasn't just a gun show that was running this weekend, but a boat show and something else as well. Parking was a little more difficult to come by than I would have liked, but I managed to stake out a spot that was not completely in the boonies. I followed the crowd to the gun show's building, stood in line behind sixty other people (that place was doing some brisk business, I tell you) and then finally I was inside the building. I wandered around for maybe five minutes before locating Jim Groat, and shot the breeze with him for a while. He pointed me to a dealer who had some pretty fair prices on ammunition, and I picked up a thousand rounds of .357Mag for my Ruger Blackhawk, ammunition that was both cheap and of decent enough grade to be fairly good for "plinking" with. I'm happy with that purchase, at least. There were several beautiful guns (a few Taurus revolvers with a really interesting grip design, and a Springfield semi-automatic .44 that just begged for me to buy it). I killed a little more time wandering around the show, and the rest of the afternoon was spent chatting and joking around with Jim and Kitfox, who was there with Groat.

The show closed up around 5pm and I accompanied Jim and Kitfox back to Madison, because Jim had purchased a weapon that he said would "make me want to have sex with something." He wasn't kidding, that gun was absolutely monstrous and, at the same time, incredibly bitchin'. Handling a gun that used to be a fully automatic weapon that's of a pretty large caliber is something I think everyone should try at some point or another. I can't wait until the next time I'm up in Madison and we can go shooting, that will be a lot of fun to put a few clips through. Around 8:51 we left to get some groceries, returned to Jim's house and whipped up a dinner (mostly consisting of hamburgers, chips and beans... mmm, bachelor dinner). After we ate we sorted through spent brass, organizing them into different boxes for Jim to take back to the gun show tomorrow as part of a trade with the dealer I bought my rounds from. I hit the road around 11:05, knowing it'd take me about and hour and a half to get home, if not a little more. I did a fairly decent clip the whole way and got into the apartment around 12:54 or so. I jumped online to read my e-mail (two replies to posts on my LJ and the rest was spam), dropped online to say hello to Shad and the rest of the FF crew, then cranked out this entry. Now I'll strap on my wrist restraints, drop into bed, and catch some much-deserved shuteye.

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