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My job is driving me up the wall. I try to be calm about it, really, I do. I come home and I try to stay cool, I try to laugh off the amazingly foolish events that happen there each day, but I'm starting to lose it. The sheer magnitude of the stupidity I deal with on a daily basis -- most frequently because of ONE incompetent manager, who happens to be MY manager -- is rapidly becoming more than I can cope with. Today I checked my work e-mail, because I'm on-call (as usual) and I wanted to make sure nothing was going on that I hadn't been notified of. After doing so I began to see what a mistake that was; I walked away from the computer and smoked three cigarettes just in an effort to calm myself. I need to leave my workplace behind me each day when I leave at 5pm, and not look back, not even when I'm the designated engineer on call. I think it's the only way I'll be able to avoid the far-from-enviable goal of having an aneurism at age twenty-three.

The reason I write this is because I'm currently kicking around an idea and I wanted to see what the public (my adoring fans!) thought of the idea. You see, a friend of mine (Namely Cheb, who happens to be the web minion for Cthulhu Coffee) shared this link to The Chronicles of George with me. After seeing how funny one person's misery can be to other people, I thought to myself, Well, maybe my misery can be amusing to others. So, what do you think? Should I set up a weblog and post about my more amazing/stupid/vile experiences at work? Or would that be too much bitching to read?

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