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My angel is a centerfold?

Well, okay, maybe she's not a centerfold... but she is lovely, and that's enough for me. She gave me something almost as nice as a centerfold this past weekend, too. I forgot to mention that on Sunday, but I was a little occupied by the problem that is my windshield (the crack is still growing, dammit). The gift is really very sweet. Thanks, hon. *smiles*

Tonight I am in a brooding type of mood. It is not necessarily a dark frame of mind, although it could easily slip that way if I don't keep a close eye on it. Oddly enough my moods are a lot like a watched pot -- they'll never boil, but only so long as I keep watching intently. If I get distracted even for a solitary moment it can boil over. That's not to say it will, just that it has the opportunity to in those cases and sometimes seizes it. Bleah.

On a quick note for those who might be interested, reconciliation was reached with my parents Wednesday to some degree. I'm glad for that, because I felt bad about what happened. However, I did maintain that I was in the right to be as annoyed as I was by the intrusions that took place, well-intended or not. Part of that may have sunk in, but I don't think quite all of it made its way into full understanding. This is a lesson I will have to repeat with them several more times before it's all said and done, but... that's life. So long as we're all on the same page now in terms of the check I need to receive I'll be happy and call this a draw if not an actual victory.

Saturday I run around a lot. I'll be going up to Milwaukee for a gun show, and hopefully I'll run into Jim Groat for a bit. If I don't at least stop by his table and say "hi" he'll never let me hear the end of it. I don't want that happening because the last time I missed the gun show, well, let me say that mistake is haunting me still While there I must try, and try very hard, not to buy anything. Mmm, shiny, shiny boomsticks... then I jog home. Sunday is a bit up in the air still, so I guess I'll play that by ear.

Update for those who know the situation with Ra, my ambulatory little black ball of shedding fur and harf. The bad news is he threw up twice last week, but these events were a few days apart. The good news of this situation is that I think the medication has finally really gotten a good grip in his system and is finally benefiting him. Over the last three or four days I've noticed a marked increase in Ra's level of activity. His brain seems to be catching fire an awful lot as of late, resulting in a lot of running around, jumping, staring off into space and yowling. He jumps into people's laps again and takes potshots at the bird's cage, and in general is just being a total attention whore. In other words, folks, he's acting exactly like the cat I adopted over a year and a half ago. Describing just how relieved this makes me feel is something I lack sufficient vocabulary to achieve.

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