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Reiterations and missing days..

One more time: I'm a goddamn slave to the technology in my life. I won't bore you with details, but I felt it needed to be repeated.

So Tallears, Jen and I did Summerfest yesterday. We were there for five hours or so, which was about all I could take with the heat, the humidity (That was the worst), the immense crowds and the at-times racous sound of six or eight bands playing at any given time. Yes, Jen, I know I'm a wuss. But I needed to get out of there.

So Tallears and I got to Milwaukee at about 12:15. We had lunch with Jen at a nearby restaurant and then piled into another car and drove up to Summerfest. It was very, very cool. Lots of huge stages, lots of local breweries and lots of big names, too, most notably Miller (All hail horsepiss). We got to sit in at the Harley Davidson pavilion and listen to a great band called "Johnny Wad." They did a really great set of covers, everything from "Run Like Hell" to "Hotel California." I was really impressed by them... as Roho said, "They're actually paying tribute to the respective bands by playing it right... rather than some of these other people who think that by screaming louder, using more bass and amping the hell out of it they've got a good cover." Having listened to some of the covers that were played yesterday, well, I'm inclined to agree.

The beer there was exceptional. I got to try some beers I'd never had access to before, and discovered that Furvert was right... I am a Hefe Weiss fiend. And, since Bavarian White isn't much different than Hefe Weiss, I like it as well. Jen suggested that I try a Leine's Berry Weiss. I'm glad I did... I could hardly believe I was drinking a beer when I had that... so I'll probably pick up a case of that as well, the next time I hit the liquor store. I tried about four or five different breweries and beers, so I'm content with myself. :)

After we bailed from the Summerfest grounds we went back to Jen's, where we lounged and unwound a bit. We decided to go see A.I., which was a nice movie. Not great, not bad. I can see why the critics almost universally panned it, but at the same time I think that most of them just didn't really understand it, either. So it was a mixed blessing. I won't rant one way or another about the movie, except to say it was a nice break after everything else we did. I do have to say, I'm SICK of theaters expecting you to pay $8 for a bucket of popcorn and a cup of soda that's mostly filled with ice anyways... highway robbery. Not to mention after you get in the theater and sit down you're subjected to TEN MINUTES OF ADS. What the hell is this about? When did we start introducing this fantastic new "feature"? I used to sit down, watch the previews, and get to see my movie. This time I had to wait through a Jeep commercial, a Pepsi commercial (That I'd seen on TV already) and a bunch of other ads so moronic I involuntarily tuned them out. THEN we got to the previews. Jesus, talk about taking advantage of a captive audience...

By the time I got back from the movie, drove to Illinois again and dropped off Roho it was about 12:45am when I walked in my door, and finally got to sleep around 1:30 or so in the morning. I have a righteous sunburn, a CD of music from a Spanish band and a bit of a headache from all the drinking, dehydration and noise. It rocked. I'm going back next year. :)

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