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Saturday? No... Sloday!

Today was a relaxation day. I chatted idly on FurryMUCK with some folks. I saw a certain somebody make an appearance on #watertower. I'm not sure what spurred him to do so, but I am amused and a little pleased. Certain folks took to him right away, which is always a vindication of my personal opinions -- and I like being vindicated, oh yes. It's good to be right, sometimes. *smugs* I also played a good deal of Black & White, and despite the somewhat clunky interface I've decided I really like this game. Wow, something besides Q3 and MechWarrior that I can enjoy playing on my PC... I believe this is one of the signs of the Apocolypse.

The downside of today is that I got the news that my girlfriend's uncle has passed away due to injuries received in a motorcycle accident. I didn't know this uncle, but I do know her dad to some extent, and he's saddened a great deal by this loss (this was her father's younger brother). I will have to be sure to pay my respects in some way; a loss in the family is always difficult and is especially so for family members when it was somebody they personally doted on. Tomorrow I will be trekking up to Milwaukee to spend the day with her. I've thought about spending a few days up there, actually, since most of her family is leaving town to handle the funeral arrangements. I think she could use the company, and honestly I don't mind the commute. The gas usage would suck, but... we'll see. I'll talk to her about it while I'm up there.

On a different, totally unrelated note -- everybody say hi to frysco!

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