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Road trip! Well, not reallly

Bleah, what a 24 hours it has been. Saturday, the 23rd, I had to visit my old workplace at the DuPage Campus of DeVry. Why was I back at my original place of employment? Well, since I'm one of the senior network engineers for DeVry, Inc., I needed to oversee a massive project at the campus. To bring the campus into compliance with company standards we had to overhaul the network, implement a firewall, move servers around and do a ton of other things. I got there at 10:30 in the morning, which was when we were supposed to start. I believe I left at something like 11:30 in the evening. I'm not sure because I was too tired to check the clock anymore.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a really TOUGH project, but good grief... if ever there was an example of "too many cooks in the kitchen" this was it. Most of the cooks were absolutely unhelpful and stood around being indecisive and wasting time. If it wasn't for some very dedicated student assistants, and one or two very smart full-time employees this would have been an absolute disaster. Not to mention they were totally unprepared for the work ahead of them. Lots of things should have been done the night before to be ready, but they decided to leave it all for that day.

I'm sure things are busted, but tough. I'm not fixing them today. I made plans and I'm going to STICK to them.

The other night I was invited along to a computer show in Wheaton by a new friend of mine. Since I'd not met him in person, and I miss going to the show, I decided what the hey, I'll go along. So I'll get to meet a friend face-to-face, meet one of his friends, and go gawk over (sometimes cheap, sometimes overpriced) computer equipment. Since my truck sucked about $1500 out of me last week I don't believe I'll be buying anything. At least, I had better not, or I'm going to really have to scold myself.

So, I figure I'll be leaving in another half an hour or so. This should be fun.

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