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Truck pictures...

Here you go. I've linked them so as not to fill up the entry and/or annoy firewalls that content filter.

*Here is what my truck SHOULD look like (unsmashed driver's side). I've circled the area you should take note of.

*Here is what it DOES look like. I've circled the area that got smashed in. See if you can tell me what looks different in this picture, aside from the body damage. What's that, the mud flap is missing? You get a cookie. Oh yeah, you can't tell it but my rear bumper is bent in and the trim package is smashed off.

*Here is the inner view of my wheel well. The circle is around the chrome trim and fender sheet that got bent up. If you look closely you'll see that my pickup's bed got smashed in as well. Just a bit above the arrow is where there should be metal.

*Here is another view of the rolled-in fender. Arrow tip is where metal and chrome trim should be.

*Here is the tire, with my father holding the two pieces of tread that I managed to recover. You can see the big bald patch on the tire proper where the tread used to reside.

*Here is another picture of the tire, proudly proclaiming it is a Firestone Firehawk ATX. Folks, don't buy these tires.

*Here is another perspective of the tire's treads. This is what peeled off at 75mph and beat the hell out of my pickup.

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