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Mother was right...

...it's easy to take things for granted until they go away.

People, don't take your wrists for granted. I statred wearing wrist braces Friday morning in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain I was experiencing - the doctor said they're going to be an integral part of getting me back to status quo. These braces have immobilized my wrists for the most part, removing most of the ability to flex and bend -- and my life has become about eight times more complex because I have to rethink how I do everything, from eating lunch to turning a key in a door lock (I can't rotate it all the way around as easily any more). I got so frustrated last night I wanted to sit down and cry when simple, everyday tasks became so much more difficult. I wanted to have a beer last night, but I discovered with these braces on I couldn't open a bottle on my own (the attempt to do so on my own resulted in half a Corona being spilled into my silverware drawer). Trying to change clothes was another exercise in frustration, as was attempting to put on my robe.

Frankly, this bites. Yet I know I'm going to have to cope with it for the next month at least.

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