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From the "damn that's fast" department...

So I called the insurance company yesterday morning to get the ball rolling, with the hopes that maybe I could get the damage wrought upon my pickup by that flaky Firestone repaired before I start collecting my social security. I got a call back from them four hours later at my workplace. I spoke with my contact, got a claim number assigned, and went through the motions to get an adjuster assigned to the case. At 8:45 this morning an adjuster calls my apartment, asking when they can set up a time to evaluate the pickup. I think I like this insurance company -- this is pretty fast.

On the down side, my back is putting me through an excruciating amount of pain. It started two nights ago, and really manifested itself last night after I got home from work. It's a pulled muscle, I think, but annoyingly it's at the small of my back, so anything I do hurts -- leaning to the side, moving my leg....

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