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Evening blues...

I live with retarded versions of Cheech and Chong. Here's the sad but true story: I go into the kitchen to make more some iced tea. As I set the pitcher into the sink to put water in I see that there is an empty Bryers Ice Cream carton in the sink. I pull this carton out and find water dripping from it and onto me. As I hold it up I ask, "Is there any reason we're saving this?" "Oh, no..." answers one of my roommates. "But the garbage can was full." I pull this massive doubletake. Sure enough, trash has piled up atop the can, presumably because it was full. "Well, there's a solution to that," I say. "Oh?" she says. "Yeah. It's a simple proceedure." I therein proceed to remove the bag, tie it off, put a new, empty bag in the can and pull on a pair of shoes. I take the full bag in hand and go out the door. Less than a minute later I have thrown the garbage bag into the dumpster in the parking lot and am walking back into the apartment. What the fuck, people? This is a three minute operation. You can't pry yourselves away from the computer long enough to throw out the trash, so you throw it in the ever-loving SINK? What kind of reasoning are you using? Even a child knows to throw out the GARBAGE. Aren't you smarter than a child?

Ra threw up again.

Dumb things I need to do: Get my hair cut, get the oil changed on the pickup, put the 2002 tags on the plate, clean the cat box, do the paperwork for my FOID card application, pick up the pictures of the truck from the store.

Anybody care to take bets on what I get done tomorrow and when?

Miss a beat, you lose a rhythm

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