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Short update...

Jen's visiting this weekend, so I have some nice relaxing time with my sweetie. She helped me unpack all my Christmas loot when she arrived yesterday, although most of it is still sitting in the living room, waiting to be further unpacked, shelved or... other.

On the feline front, it would appear my hopes were in vain: Ra isn't getting better. He was sick on Friday morning, and was sick this morning as well. He didn't vomit up all that he ate, and what he did sick up was pretty well digested -- that's the only good sign I have, that tells me that a vast majority of what he eats is getting through his system at this point. About three minutes ago or so he hacked up a bit of food and fur, which was (thankfully) a simple case of hairball needing to come up. My concern stems from the past two days of vomiting when combined with the other symptoms he's showing: two patches of fur that were seemingly torn out on his cheek and chin, a couple of spots that look like he's scratched himself raw (pun not intended) and a bit of swelling over his right eye. My suspicion that he may be having a reaction to something has been seconded by Jen. Whether or not it is a reaction to his medicine or something in the environment at Jen's house is anyone's guess.

My overwhelming concern is to get him to the vet and get him better.

This current regimen seemed to be working for a short while, but I think it's either losing effect or the good it was doing got undone by his stint up in Wisconsin. Either way, Ra is off to see Dr. Hailpurn at Golf Rose Animal Hospital on Monday (I'd have taken him in today but the vet wasn't on shift, and I don't want to deal with anybody other than his vet for the time being).


Tonight Jen and I will dine at Red Lobster. She craves crab goodness, and I crave surf-and-turf (I'm on a real meat-eating streak). The roommates are gone tonight, so maybe when Jen and I roll back into the apartment like the two fat, bloated seafood ticks we are... well, maybe hijiinks will ensue. Who can tell? ;)

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