Feren (feren) wrote,


Well, this is the first entry I'm putting into this online journal. I've tried to keep a journal before, but they've always dropped away and been forgotten in a relatively short period of time. I attribute a great part of this to the fact that my handwriting is terrible, and I'm not very proficient at it. You see, when I write by hand I'm terribly slow, and it frustrates me no end. Typing has always been much faster for me, which allows me to "keep up" with the thoughts I'm trying to transcribe.

That is why I'm trying this site out -- I'm hoping that with a set of templates, and the fact that I'm typing rather than writing by hand, I'll be able to keep this up and running for quite some time. My goal is to make an entry every day. I don't know that I will be able to adhere to that, but I will try to meet it.

So, let the experiment begin, eh?

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