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Thoughts from the void...

I have achieved home. I had a decent drive. By that I do not mean there were no delays or stupid people causing near accidents on the highway system. By "decent drive" I mean that my tires did not tear themselves to shreds and send me careening into the median. This is a good thing. Yay for new Goodyear radials on the back, and non-shredding BFGoodrich radials on the front.

It was hard to leave my parents behind, since I haven't seen them in so long. It was even more difficult to leave my grandfather behind. He's having a very hard time with things, and I believe that he is indeed very depressed. His physical health is also clearly waning, and so I feel bad for not spending more time with him since I don't know how much longer I have.

My cat did not get the proper supervision while he was being boarded, and thus he has been sick a great deal -- primarily this would seem to be due to ingestion of ribbons, tinsel and food he is not capable of digesting. I do not blame all the individuals involved, but let me say that I am... highly perturbed that my rather explicit set of instructions on how to care for him were not followed to the letter, or even in spirit. I'm going to give him two days home with me to see if I can settle his stomach again. If not, he goes in to visit the vet on Monday. Boo, (potential) further expenses.

Unloading the pickup all by myself sucked. My Christmas loot is, when concentrated in one box, excrutiatingly heavy. I owe my family a great debt of thanks for their generosity. My gifts... they pale by comparison.

I'm tired. I believe I will chat a while longer with my friends online, then retire to the bed.

Vacation is good.

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, we're finally on our own

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