Feren (feren) wrote,

Something I didn't expect

I never anticipated that I would have to own a stethoscope worthy of use in basic clinical training... just to check the breathing of a cat.

This is the new normal, where I will be checking on the Breath Per Minute rate of Jazz as a way to assess her health and how worried we have to be about her internal organs. The issue is that we know her subcutaneous fluid treatment can hinder the function of her heart and lungs, so this helps me monitor and determine if she is under distress.

Ultimately I hope this helps reassure us, rather than give us additional reason to worry. For example, tonight it was much easier for me to determine Jazz was at the high end of normal (44 breaths per minute out so) while she was on the table for her medication this evening. I need this assistance with her auscultation.

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