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A first I could have done without

Today was a first of its kind for me, and it is a first that I really could have done without experiencing this early in my career. Today I had the sad duty to clear the desk of one of my team members, going through it and emptying it of any personal effects. The desk belonged to somebody who passed away this Monday night, succumbing after a long and courageous battle against cancer.

I've had to empty out desks for a number of employees who left my team for bigger and better things; those were simply disheartening. This was far beyond disheartening, this was heart-breaking.

I've seen cancer take too many people in my time at $EMPLOYER. Bogie, Tina, Rick... and now another.

This has been a very trying, tiring week.

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Tags: 2013, cancer, death, survivor guilt, work

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