Feren (feren) wrote,

Nostalgic subconscious

Friday night I had a dream where I was back at the office building $EMPLOYER used to occupy. It was an odd dream where I and some other folks had been invited back to the annex building to review some of the enhancements the new tenant had put in. I remember walking into the part of the building that had been our data center and talking extensively about the number of rows of racks we had when we were there as well as the challenges around some of the design.

I woke up feeling rather melancholy after that. I dream frequently about the old office location, it seems. I am not having them as frequently as I had the dreams about dying in a freak elevator accident at that building, but I can tell there's part of me that wants to go back to that time. Was it a better time back then? I am pretty sure we didn't play mouse-ball soccer and smash hard drives with antenna masts because we were happy. So I'm not sure why itOr just rose-colored glasses on the past?

I can feel my soul, it's bleeding

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Tags: 2013, dreams, work

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