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Randomness and evil....

It's Tuesday night, roughly a week before Christmas.

Do you know where your mind is?

Sunday saw a visit from Captain, whom I have been conspiring with for some time to organize a visit to my neck of the Chicago woods. Unfortunately with the recent affliction that Ra has been going through I have had to turn down a couple different chances to have Cap swing by and say howdy. Fortunately for me Sunday was a good day, and things just sort of fell into place. Jen was visiting for the weekend, and Aureth was up in the area to do shopping. So, Cap and I went over to the College of DuPage for the computer show. I wasn't planning to buy anything but ended up seeing something really neat I had to acquire -- I'll write more on that later. Cap picked up a really nice 21" monitor for a fair price, too, so the show wasn't a complete wash for either of us. When we got back we met up with Jen and Aureth over at Mitsuwa, enjoying a meal there from our favorite eatery The Dragon Boat. After we finished our food we came back to my place and dropped in a video (Babylon Park) and then talked geekstuff: IRC, mostly. It got some chuckles for Jen and Aureth, which was nice. I also got the chance to show Cap some illustrations from my collection of "furry" artwork, most notably some stuff done by Chris Kozloski, aka "Tarin" of FurryMUCK, a rather fun and talented artist who, for reasons I cannot fathom, sees fit to associate with myself and the Spiral crowd on a fairly regular basis. :) Eventually Aureth left, since he had an early morning the next day. Jen was also ready to leave, when disaster struck -- her car wouldn't start. Go read her journal for all the glorious details. The long and short of it is that the plug wires on Jen's car were not in the best of shape, and the 100% humidity and low temperature of the air was making them short to the engine block, thus preventing a decent spark from igniting the fuel.

My truck also developed this problem at the exact same time.

This left Jen stranded at my place Sunday night, which peeved her because she had a job interview. The good news is that we got both her Cavvie and my pickup fixed on Monday with all new plug wires. The other good news was that while she was here I had another night to curl up with her in bed, which always helps me sleep better. It's odd, but it's true -- having another body wedged in with me on that single twin bed really helps me sleep better.

Saturday was quiet -- I was recovering from... something I caught while at the company Christmas party on Friday. This resulted in much consternation for Jen, who was bored out of her mind, but I felt crummy. I'd felt that way since I left the party Friday night at 4:10pm. The current theory I have is that I'd just been overdosed on food (buffet at the party), liquor (I'd had a few vodka tonics, and no water), smoke (too many cigarettes and I'd also smoked a monster cigar with our director of IT) and noise (karaoke, need I say more?). Add all that up and the stress of hobnobbing and you get one sick panther. At least, that's what I think it was. Maybe the shrimp wasn't fully cooked, I dunno. I did have a good time, right before I got sick. That was actually the most enjoyable company function I'd been to in quite a while.

Wednesday, Thursday of last week... not much to say there. I worked, I came home, I slept, I went to work again. Pretty cyclical stuff, the usual "work sucks, I want this year to be over" routine. joy->the_world; as my friend Yakko would say.

Ra is on more meds now. Metoclopramide for his digestive system, and another Amoxicillan suspension to try and calm any secondary infections resulting from the flare up. It didn't seem to do much good for a while, although he didn't throw up yesterday nor today -- that I can tell thus far, that is. Sometimes he does it in places where you don't find it for a while, which is Ever So Pleasant.

Speaking of purry cats, he's now laying across my wrists, making it very nearly impossible to type.

It's hard to get back into the journaling routine.

And the rock cried out, no hiding place

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