Feren (feren) wrote,

Things to remember about last night's Neil Young show

  • Neil was wearing a grey shirt with something that looked like the flag for Nigeria on it
  • Poncho kept throwing picks into the crowd. If I'd figured that out sooner, I probably could have gotten one for a momento
  • Many of Neil's songs are complete stories within themselves (Ramada Inn) while others are more about concepts (Rust Never Sleeps)
  • I knew we were in for a treat when I saw the giant, oversized stage props from the 80s Rust Never Sleeps tour
  • Just because a particular item is present (the pipe organ, for example) doesn't mean it's going to be used. He headfaked me at least twice that we were going to hear "Like a Hurricane."
  • Los Lobos opened for him, and they were not what I expected.  Fantastic opener. Great blend of Mexican/Tijuana feel with great rock. The drummer, who looked younger than the rest of the band (replacement drummer?) made some hilarious faces while he was playing -- but that's because he was in the moment and having fun.
  • Because this was being filmed, I knew the entire stage show was part of a "story." Again, very similar to the Rust Never Sleeps tour's experience.
  • If you have a lab coat, "nerd" glasses and wild grey hair, you are a scientist.
  • Some of the old tour tricks to make a show within the show are the best tricks ("Road-eyes" return in an evolved state and the Woodstock PA announcements)
  • Poncho loves it if you flip him the bird during "Fuckin' Up"
  • I haven't heard a version of Cinnamon Girl this electric and "crunchy" since the Type O Negative cover
  • Neil put us in a time machine and there was psychadelic pinwheel lighting for Mr. Soul
  • How many backdrop moslins can one performance possibly have?
  • Setlist:Love and Only Love; Powderfinger; Born in Ontario; Walk Like A Giant; The Needle and the Damage Done; Twisted Road; She's Always Dancing; Ramada Inn; Cinnamon Girl; Fuckin' Up; Mr. Soul; Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black); ENCORE: Tonight's the Night
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