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Tuesday rant.....

I had something all cooked up for tonight, a great spewing of angst and dismay at something that was both trivial and profound at the same time. I'd been thinking about this one since the topic quite literally hit me today around lunch time, working it over in my mind, turning it from side to side, analysing it, thinking each little nuance through so that I might come up with the best take on it possible. I was editing and re-editing, polishing this little nugget of joy so that I could share it with the world. I was hoping it would amuse some, anger others and maybe strike some small group into action -- if only to consider their own situations a bit more thoroughly.

Then, after work, something completely unbelivable happened, and I had to completely scrap that refined and rehearsed bit of annoyance in favor of this.

If I was a god for five minutes, and could do only one thing, I would make blinding ignorance a terminal disease.

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, oh yes indeed. If somebody were to say or do something so blindingly ignorant as what I heard tonight they'd fall over dead instantly, thus sparing our society and world the burden of having to support their miserable existance one nanosecond longer than was absolutely necessary. People around the world would drop over and have their useless lives ended, replaced by a much higher calling, their one and only function at that point to become fertilizer so that they might contribute to the world they had robbed of time, money and greatness.

The reason I'm so irate tonight is a mixture of many things, most notably my nerves (I've been high strung every day that I have to go to work for the last few weeks, and the last two weeks have seen a dramatic increase in the damage this stress has done to me), bad news, and just generally bitchiness. I was driving home from work, a task I've come to jestingly refer to as "making good on my escape." When I'm driving I'm ususally listening to the FM radio or my CD player, but I also have my truck's CB radio turned on as well so that I can monitor the news that gets passed from one semi driver to another. Every truck I've ever owned has had a CB in it, although I couldn't tell you exactly why. Call it a quirk of my personality caused by watching "Smoky and the Bandit" as a kid, call it a flight of fancy or a fascination with gadgetry that so many men evidence. Maybe you could blame it on the fact my uncle had a CB in his pickup, something that provided entertainment and held my attention for a lot of long, lonely hours on the drives up to Northern Minnesota to visit one of my other uncles. No matter what the root cause is, I've always been intrigued by CBs, and have made it a habit to have one handy when I'm travelling this nation's highway system. There's something very cool to me about knowing I'm always in touch with people I can depend on in an emergency, and I'm always treated to the latest information about road and weather conditions, traffic hazards and more when I have the CB on. It's a connection to a whole other culture, one that I've never really been a part of but that I've always respected. How can you not respect men and women who wrestle those eighteen wheelers through traffic snarls and city streets, down alleys and back into loading bays? They've got a tough job and a harsh lifestyle, but there are times that I do envy them.

But tonight, when I hear chatter on 19 and turned down the pickup's CD player I was treated to the most pathetic example of human nature I've ever seen. A softer-spoken driver was on the line, asking for local information. I couldn't quite make out what he was asking for so as we drove I turned off the CD player entirely and twisted up the gain on the CB. Now I could hear him -- the driver was asking what route he needed to take to get to I-294 so that he could make his way into Indiana, and wanted to know how to get there from his current location on Westbound I-290.

Drivers were insulting him, catcalling him and threatening him. All because he spoke with an Indian accent.

Nobody would help him for the longest time, instead they made snide comments about immigrants learning just enough English to get a job and then expecting everybody else to help them, since they're clearly "Too stupid to read a map." Another driver said that it was a damn shame when "some towelhead can come into this country and take away a job from one of its rightful citizens." On and on the insults and jibes came while the driver who was at the center of it all asked for help. I consulted my road atlas and was about to key up the mic when another driver stepped in and gave him the answer he needed, without being rude, without being insulting... just helping where he could. The other driver thanked him and then tried to regain some of his dignity by telling those that had mocked him that he was not a native English speaker, that he wanted only to get some help, and that those who insulted him were just being assholes. I was amused, in a small way, to hear how well this gentleman could curse and insult people, even if his English wasn't perfect nor his native tongue. I guess that perhaps that says something about our society. Don't you?

As I turned off the freeway and onto the exit ramp I listened in sheer disbelief as one driver in particular continued to spew out his opinion that the immigrants were stealing jobs, that they contribute nothing to our society and that they expect the United States to hand them everything.

It was at that point that I snapped. I knew it was pointless to grab up the mic and tell the driver off, by the faintness of his signal I knew he'd never hear me, I was only hearing him by some sheer quirk of fate... and that fucking bastard just kept talking. The towelheads were doing nothing for this country but asking what it could do for them, he explained, but a real American would step up and ask what he could do for his country.

I guess in all his ranting about how the immigrants were stealing jobs he forgot that his so-called "rightful American citizens" came over as a group of socio-political refugees and proceeded to steal this nation from its rightful owners: the Indians (or Native Americans, if you like). I guess he forgot that his own job is a thankless, vicious, demanding profession that is not precisely the height of glamor... yet this immigrant truck driver was doing the work and was only asking for help. When I think about the amount of effort and control put into driving one of those rigs, "lazy" is about the last word I would use to describe a truckdriver. It just isn't possible to be lazy and drive one of those rigs seven hundred miles in a day -- there's a lot of discipline that goes into doing so in a safe manner. I guess this loudmouthed, beer-swilling, ass-scratching piece of rednecked excrement forgot that this so-called "sand nigger" was collecting a paycheck for an honest day's work, and that his paycheck was only given to him after income taxes were withdrawn by both the state and federal governments, money that is used to build highways, schools, clinics and more. I guess this bloated airbag had forgotten that once the "no-good lazy foreigner" had collected his paycheck he would be spending it on things, such as food, clothing, shelter... thus supporting the local economy and helping keep other people gainfully employed because their companies sold products and made profits. I wonder if this sorry sack of liquid pigshit ever thought about how many white, "upstanding" citizens of this country are on the government dole, while this man had been able to pass the CDL test and convince a trucking company to take a chance on him and let him drive a truck. What does that say about this loudmouthed, hateful vindictive skunkfucker? I think it says that he's ignorant of how this country was colonized, how our economic system functions and just how incredibly stupid he was making himself sound with his proclamations to anybody and everybody within broadcast distance of his rig. No matter how many people told him to shut his ignorant, foul mouth up he kept on preaching because he was absolutely convinced that this man was an enemy of all that was Good and Right in our nation, and that deportation was the only answer.

You tell me I'm wrong in wishing I was a god so that I could strike his pathetic ass down. Ignorance like that breeds nothing but contempt and hate for others, a hatred that looks for any excuse to manifest itself and lash out. I can tell you I would have no problem taking every one of his kind and instantly turning them into a pillar of salt, because they are the true cancer of this nation. With their self-proclaimed solutions and pride, with their swaggering step and boasting self-righteousness they contribute more to the decay of our society than any of the immigrants they so vehemently decry for working a cash register or driving a cab to support their new life. You think coming to a new country with nothing but your family and the clothes on your back is easy? You go out there and try it yourself, and we'll see how long it takes before your spirit is broken and you're weeping while you beg for scraps at a corner so that you can feed your brood of squalling, whining rugrats with trailerpark names and bully personalities. It's clear to see where they got their attitude problems from, that much is certain. You, my vociferous little fuck of a friend, are a perfect example of human waste, and if I could find you in person I wouldn't hesitate to make an example of you.

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