Feren (feren) wrote,

Goodbye, Tessa

tessa-aug14 (160 of 468)

"Tessa" - Laid to rest 8/14/2011
(Photo taken 8/14/2010)

You were 24 years old, Tessa, so I struggle to think of a time without you. You've been a fixture of life here on the farm. You were gentle, patient and beautiful. My mother will be heartbroken without you but in time she will take comfort in knowing that she gave you as good a life as there was to be had.

I want you to know we buried you next to your son today, so Ace could be close to you. May you run where the pastures are always green, there are no flies to bother you and sweet corn is only a short trot away.

tessa-aug14 (468 of 468)
"Tessa" with my mother
(Photo taken Aug 14, 2010)
Tags: 2011, farm, horse, pets

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