Feren (feren) wrote,

Camera news, part the 3rd

I opted to pay the $202 to Canon and have the 40D repaired. The 50D had two big strikes against it -- first, it was a refurbished. Second, based on feedback and reviews, it struck me as almost a trade DOWN from my 40D (minus the micro-focus adjustment for each lens). If Canon had given me a "loyalty credit" of some amount to use against any new model I want, like a 7D or a 5D Mk II, I might have bitten. But the program as it was presented to me (trade to a refurb and pay $$$) just didn't bring any significant value.

The really good news is that the body was shipped back to me today via Fedex 2nd day service, so I should have it in my hands again on Monday the 26th. I'll be curious what the service notes say was ultimately wrong with it.
Tags: 2010, camera

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