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Please Donate to "Strikes for Strays!!"

Please donate to Strikes for Strays!

Hi all! It's just under 2 days until lady_curmudgeon and I bowl in Strikes for Strays on Saturday, April 10th at 2pm to benefit the West Suburban Humane Society. We are close to our goal but haven't made it there yet. I know that times are tough in today's economy, but please think of how this is impacting donation-driven programs that rely on our generosity! Any donation you can make to the cause will help cats and dogs find loving Forever Homes as well as going to help the WSHS educate our community and provide important support programs.

Donations can be made online via http://www.firstgiving.com/feren

Please remember "Love is a Pet Away."
Tags: 2010, donation, strikes_for_strays

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