Feren (feren) wrote,

Awesome. My camera is dead.

As near as I can tell from troubleshooting the problem lies with the mirror motor (or the springs, or some damn thing related to moving the mirror). It looks like, whatever the relevant component is in the 40D's body, it just took a dirt nap -- I can't even get the mirror to lock up for a manual sensor cleaning. No ability to bring mirror all the way up means no ability to make a complete exposure -- thus I have no ability to take any photos at all.

Hooray for non-budgeted money needing to be spent on repairs. Glad I did my income taxes and filed for my return last month.

Off to Canon she goes, I guess. I can only hope the repair is quoted as costing less than $350, because if it isn't I'm going to start thinking about just going out and buying a 7D body (which would be a non-trivial upgrade from where I stand now in terms of features). Though I have to be honest with myself .... I'd be an idiot to do that. Even if the repair was in the $350-$450 range it would still be far less than $1,600+ for a new 7D.
Tags: 2010, camera

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