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Today's follies

  • I slept until 10:25 in the morning (mostly). It was glorious.
  • We took items to Goodwill.
  • We dropped off items at Half Price Books, and I got a Neil Young and a Johnny Cash album (vinyl, you savages) out of the deal.
  • Consumed tasty dinner at Family Square. Mmm, steak and eggs.
  • The kitchen is mostly cleaned. I have to finish scrubbing two iron sittings and a plate, but you wouldn't believe how nice things look in the kitchen now.
  • I inventoried over 105 videos (including multi-disc boxed sets) in my collection, putting them in MediaMan. This represents just under 1/5 of the total collection. I can't complain.
  • Deboxed and sleeved lady_curmudgeon DVD collection after she entered them in MediaMan.
  • Tomorrow, twanfox and I get to see the Chicago Bulls play. From a skybox. Win!
Tags: 2009, house

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