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Well, I brought the new panther system onto the DMZ last night. Let it run for a while, did a few quick stress tests against it, then cut over all the IP traffic. The hotcut wasn't quite as smooth as I had hoped, I'd made a few foolish mistakes and ran into some not-so-predictable problems as well. But, when it came down to it, I had the new system up and running in place of the old one within about an hour and a half. That's not bad, given the fact I was working alone. Could the timing have been better, and could I have gotten the migration done in such a manner that nobody would have noticed except for a 30-second hiccup? Well, sure, there's always room for that - and I would have loved to have been able to do that. But unfortunately this isn't my full-time job, and my paying customers don't pay enough to be able to get me to provide quite that level of service. As it was, nobody had any complaints, and there was only one small public hiccup that caught anybody's attention (sorry about that, Cheb).

So now I'm cooking along on the Ultra 2, with much more RAM and much more hard disk space -- and a bounty of CPU power as well! One of my friends described this upgrade as "going from a bicycle to a Ninja motorcycle." They weren't far off, that's for sure. With that stress mostly out of the way I can go back to tinkering part-time with my Xterminals and working on coding up next year's MFF art show database system.

As for the other things going on in my life, there hasn't been much to mention as of late. Work has proceeded to suck in such a manner that even light cannot escape. My resolve to quit smoking broke down yesterday when I hit my flashpoint and nearly walked off the property. I have really, really reached a point where something has to give with the company, my status as an employee, or my psyche. I'd really rather it not be the later option, because I've got enough work ahead of me as it is.

I'm ready for this weekend, oh yes. Who wouldn't look forward to killing time and hanging out with good food, good friends and (very important) good booze! No Mom, I'm not an alcoholic. Not yet, at least -- alcoholics go to meetings.

More to follow.

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